Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Jose Mourinho the former Chelsea gaffer hasn't been seen in public since he walked out of Stamford Bridge with an approved resignation letter in hand. However media reports have suggested sightings of Mourinho around London recently. Without a weekly supply of Abramovich's toilet paper (money), Mourinho is pennyless and can't even afford a shaver. He now sports a new i-look-like a beggar style which has drawn criticism from the public because apparently, his new look isn't much different from his previous one..




However, he does look kinda COOL now (at least cooler than before) and i think i might just pass as SANTA. :D

I do infact pity Mourinho. Eventhough he never stopped crying and whinning about referees like a baby, he was still one of the most succesful managers in Chelsea's history. Two Premiership titles in three years! That is truly a remarkable feet. There are rumours that he might come to Malaysia to advertise for a bank (beggar+bank =?!?!).

I hope to see this lad with a strong but weird personality in the papers again, spewing out his thoughts uncontrollably like diarrhea *yuck

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